I can’t stress this enough: your electronics are your best friend this time of year.

As we head into late winter, bait can sometimes be balled up on the bottom if you’re anywhere in the country where the water is still at its coldest.

You’ll look at your LOWRANCE electronics and see nothing but a solid wall of bait on the bottom. It’s hard to identify what’s down there, other than a whole lot of bait.

However, when your Lowrance shows you broken balls of bait on the bottom, there’s likely a predator fish down there, with bait spread out around it.

That, to me, is a great situation to yo-yo a lipless crankbait like the Livingston Flatside 50 or vertical jig a spoon to try to trigger that fish to bite.

Yo-yoing a lipless crankbait presents a fluttering, falling action that bass will respond to better in cold water.

The whole key, though, is in identifying those scattered bait balls, and the only way you can do that is with good electronics like Lowrance.