by Jacob Powroznik

Right now, a fisherman needs to be out on the water early and plan to stay late because bass are getting in their last big feed before winter.

In most lakes, bass are feeding mainly on shad, but not in the same area all the time. As a general rule, the shad will be balled up on long flat points and other structure at the mouths of bays and big feeder creeks first thing in the morning. When the sun comes up and warms the shallows, they’ll migrate and start feeding in the back ends of creeks and coves. As they move around, they activate bass.

So, early morning, I’ll fish with a jigging spoon, Silver Buddy or even a drop-shot rig – especially if it’s mainly spotted bass I’m after. Later, from about 10 o’clock on, I’ll move up the creek and fish – what else – an Alabama rig. I like to use five Berkley Powerbait Hollow Belly swimbaits.

Keep track of the shad; if you’re not around the bait, you’re not around the fish.