March 15, 2013


Livingston hook logoRevolutionary Electronic Baitfish Sounds (EBS) technology brings the natural – the actual sounds of baitfish (shad, craw, frog, bream, etc.)- to the unnatural. LIVINGSTON LURES builds everything from squarebills to topwaters to frogs to cover every situation, designed by myself and our Team Livingston pros.

Quicksilver logoKeeping motors running smoothly and efficiently for years. I’m glad to have QUICKSILVER lubricants and
fuel additives keeping my Ranger and Mercury running like champs this Elite Series season.

maremarineMARE is your Mid-Atlantic Ranger/Mercury headquarters. I’ve worked with the guys at MARE of Acquia
for years and can’t say enough about the service and sales departments.

Ranger logoRANGER BOATS was the original bass boat, and they’re still the best. I’ve been running a Ranger for as long
as I can remember – this is the “Cadillac” of bass boats!

Mercury_LockupEverything you need in a motor: dependability, durability, power, fuel economy, and the MERCURY name to
back it all up. I depend on my Mercury 250hp Pro XS to get me there and back every single day.

motorguideMOTORGUIDE trolling motors are referred to as the “Choice of Champions” for a reason: these motors
will keep you on the fish – in exactly the right spot – day in and day out.

powerpoleI remember a time before POWER-POLES were even invented … and I’m darn happy the boys down at Power-Pole
headquarters in Florida created them. One of my most important fish-catching tools!

I can’t catch the fish until I find them, bottom line. With my LOWRANCE electronics, I know for a fact that I’m
at a distinct advantage every morning I head out to compete.

Hi-Seas logoAs many different pieces of gear as it takes to catch bass, your line is one of the most important. HI-SEAS has
it all covered, from braid to flurocarbon, and the highest quality you can find.

V&M logoHow strongly do I feel about the quality of soft baits that V&M produces? I put my name on one: check out
the J-PROZ SERIES of worms and J-Bug (my personal all-time favorite flippin’ bait)

Quantum logoThere’s no better rod and reel on the market than the gear built by QUANTUM. Whether you’re deep-dropping
for smallmouth or throwing a frog, Quantum rod and reels have you covered.

Huk logoGotta stay dry when it rains, and protected from the sun when it’s hot. HUK offers absolutely EVERYTHING
you could ever need for fishing apparel: rain gear, sun shirts, shorts, t-shirts … go give them a look.

Elite Tungsten logoIf you’re not fishing tungsten weights, you should be. ELITE TUNGSTEN lets you “feel what you’ve been missing.”

Mustad logoProud to be part of the MUSTAD team! There’s nothing more important than a hook, no matter
whether you’re fishing the Bassmaster Classic or just catching panfish with your kids.

Costa logoAs much time as I spend out in the sun, I’d be in sorry shape without my COSTA SUNGLASSES. These glasses are by farthe best out there for fishermen. They make some pretty doggone cool apparel, too.

You know why BASS MAFIA’S tackle-storage systems are the best? Because they were designed by anglers!

Plain and simple, if I’m around fish, my HYDROWAVE ignites a feeding frenzy.

Accessories from the bow of my Ranger to the back, T-H MARINE is a company that understands
what we fishermen need. Gotta check these guys out, they have lots of helpful after-market accessories.

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