Decisions, Decisions

(As posted on There is no substitute for time on the water, the more time you spend catching bass the better you will get at it. That’s a fact we should all agree on, but what about when you spend a couple days figuring the perfect pattern to only show up on tournament day and find your fish have vanished?


That’s when time on the water and making good decisions come into play. The most common mistake I see fishermen make on the water is not being able to change, we have heard it said and said it ourselves “ I smoked’em yesterday.” It’s very important to look at every day as a new one and not get stuck in the past, I always pay attention to the weather, it’s the biggest factor that can affect the way fish bite. Has the water level changed? Is there current? How about the water color?  These are just a few factors that can turn a great practice into a bad tournament in a hurry. […]